Resources & Training

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The CoMotion Dance Project is a national leader in dance integration. We provide the following resources in the form of materials and training for classroom and dance teachers.

Dance Integration book

Dance Integration: 36 Dance Lesson Plans for Science and Mathematics (Human Kinetics, 2014)
This book authored by CoMotion's Karen Kaufmann and Jordan Dehline, offers 36 K-5 lesson plans that use dance learning to bring mathematics and science curriculums to life. These plans have proven to improve literacy in dance, mathematics, and science. Available for purchase at

Inclusive Creative Book

Inclusive Creative Movement and Dance (Human Kinetics, 2006)
This book helps teachers guide students with diverse abilities to express their feelings and ideas through creative movement experiences involving dance learning, dance making, and dance sharing. Of equal value to new and veteran teachers, this book provides in-depth coverage of inclusive dance instruction, including teaching strategies, practical learning experiences, movement problems for students to solve, and more. Available for purchase at

Service Learning
Service-learning activities link scholarly academic learning with real-world experiences. When college students engage in the community, it enriches their education and prepares them for their future. We encourage undergraduate dance and theatre majors to interact (for college credit) in outreach and bring these ideas back to their own communities. We enjoy a partnership with Missoula’s Flagship Program, area schools, and UM’s Office of Civic Engagement. 

Professional Development for Classroom Teachers
CoMotion's focus is on dance integration curriculum development and assessment. We provide professional development for classroom teachers through teacher in-service days and workshops at teacher conferences. For information about scheduling a teacher workshop, please contact us.

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Professional Development for Dance Teachers
CoMotion presents research at national dance education conferences and provides training for dance teachers interested in a dance integration approach. For information about scheduling training, please contact us.

NEW Certification in Dance Integration 2015! Click Here.